Nice work ‘Citizen Network’ in creating this fantastic video on citizenship!

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Institutionalized Model of Care

This audio link is connected to an interview on CBC with Katie Rossiter, a Professor at Wilfred Laurier. She frames the inherent dangers of an institutionalized model of care and the painful experiences shared by survivors of Ontario’s institutions (Huronia) .  While the interview is excellent, please note the inaccuracies in the closing remarks. The funding is not ministry based but is a direct result of class actions suits, in particular the remaining amount of funds that could not be claimed by survivors as they did not have a ‘voice’ in expressing the injustices they faced.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne’s apology to Ontario citizens for their painful experience(s) caused by Ontario’s institutionalized model of care.

Newsroom : Ontario Apologizes to Former Residents of Regional Centres for People with Developmental Disabilities
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