The Community Oak Park

Network Coordinator - Vicki McCallum

The Community Oak Park is a family network whose purpose is to support families with adult children with a developmental disability to be engaged, valued and at home in their community. We envision a community where all people are included. We offer bi-monthly meetings, workshops, and a large variety of programs for the whole community. We support a model for community living where people have choice about where they live, with whom they live, their roles in community and who will support them.

ABLE (Access to Better Living Experiences)

ABLE Coordinator - Diane Engelstad

ABLE is parents, family members and allies in the Fenelon Falls area working together to remove the barriers to a good life for our loved ones, and to build a more inclusive community for all. We connect in order to learn about one another’s hopes and challenges, educate ourselves, hear about “best practices” and successful initiatives in other communities, develop practical strategies to meet local needs, and support one another on this challenging but inspirational journey.

Simcoe County Family Network

SCFN Coordinator - Pamela Libralesso

The Simcoe County Family Network was created by families, for families.SCFN connects families in Simcoe County who are caring for individuals with disabilities, providing support, resources and the opportunity to share and learn from each other.

Family Support Network (Newmarket/Aurora)

Network Contact: Susan Popper

An independent family network providing support through mentoring and information to families with children and adults with developmental disability to help them empower their loved ones.

Parents of Adults with Developmental Disabilities (P.A.D.D.)

Network Contact: Linda M Thomas-Ouellette

Parents of Adults with Developmental Disabilities (P.A.D.D.) is a grass roots group created to support and advocate for parents who have adult children who are developmentally disabled.

Windsor-Essex Family Network

Windsor-Essex Family Network is a network of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends who believe in the inclusion and well-being of children and adults who have different abilities and challenges.

Toronto Family Network

Family Network Contact: Janis Jaffe-White

The Toronto Family Network provides support and information to families navigating the education system and other sectors involving their family member with a disability. The Toronto Family Network is invited to speak at conferences and deliver workshops, shares resources, participates in public consultations, is published in the news, and attends a variety of meetings and public events to give families a voice.

Leeds and Grenville Family Network

Betty Daley

The Leeds and Grenville Family Network is a small group of families whose sons and daughters have intellectual disabilities. We operate out of a family's home and have very little financial resources. We are in the process of doing research about what a family network could look like.

Bradford’s Family Support Network for Autism, Developmental Disabilities

Network Contact: Tracey MacFarlane

A support network that provides mentorship by all, information for families of children and adults with developmental differences and focuses largely on the building of Community Inclusion.
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