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Welcome to
Family Alliance Ontario

We are an autonomous alliance of citizens who offer knowledge, tools, and networking opportunities to individuals with disabilities, their families and friends.

Our mission: To assist people in realizing their vision of having choice and control over their lives, as well as the creation of valued relationships. This enables individuals to experience community involvement through meaningful contribution and participation.

Family Alliance Ontario (FAO)  is a well-respected, family based, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the family perspective and working toward positive social change. We came together in 1997 as a group of concerned families who wanted different lives for our family members than those offered by traditional services.

What We Offer

Knowledge, Tools & Networking Opportunities
Affiliated Networks

As affiliated family networks, we can support each others efforts to improve the lives of people with a developmental disability. By supporting common goals we can build an effective force for change. Our mutual voices will be heard when we stand together to gain the attention of policy-makers and decision makers.

We learn from each other – by learning from others and sharing our stories, knowledge, experiences and successes we gain the confidence, language and tools to move forward.
Individual / Family Membership
Affiliate Membership
Uncovering the People's History Project
The People’s History Project was designed to foster an understanding around Canada’s poignant history of the institutionalization of people experiencing a disability. Our project strives to deepen the broader public’s understanding of the impact of the institutional care model on individuals, their families, loved ones and the community.
Latest News
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