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Autonomous Family networks and family directed groups are dedicated to fostering the strengths, dreams, competencies and enthusiasm of their member families to create inclusive, caring lives for all their members.


A society where people and their families are fully supported to live a regular life.


Family Alliance Ontario is a provincial organization that offers knowledge, resources, tools and networking opportunities to people with disabilities and their families; to assist them to realize a vision that includes having valued relationships; choice and control in their lives; and enables inclusion through meaningful contribution and participation in their communities.

Shared Beliefs:

– Informed, involved and confident families are the most effective agents for social change.

– Families and people with disabilities are an essential source of expertise with respect to each other and to the community.

– People with disabilities must lead all decisions which affect their lives.

– Families are an integral part in supporting people with disabilities in the decision-making process.

– People with disabilities have valuable gifts and contributions to make to their community.

– All people, regardless of disability, should grow up with family and have enduring lifelong relationships.

– All people, regardless of disability, have the right to quality, inclusive education.


– Be a strong family voice for positive change as per our beliefs.

– People with disabilities and their families have the confidence and assurance that they or their family members will have individualized, flexible, life long supports to enable them to live valued, productive lives in their community.

– People with disabilities and their families will build capacity towards true citizenship.

– People with disabilities and their families will have access to resources, tools and support that strengthens their capacity.

– People with disabilities will have choice and control of resources through self directed, portable, individualized funding and reflects the current cost of living.

– Autonomous family groups and networks receive ongoing financial support to ensure they can provide a safety net of mutual support for families.

– We will have strong local autonomous family groups and networks throughout the province of Ontario.

Family Alliance Ontario will be a strong provincial voice for families across Ontario.

Individual / Family Membership

You can join as an individual or family. Your support assists the volunteer efforts of Board Members to represent the individual and family voice.

Affiliate Membership

If you or your family belong to a family-directed network, group or organization; consider suggesting that the group becomes an affiliate of Family Alliance Ontario. Together, we can be a more effective voice for improving the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

By joining FAO you will:

  • Belong to a well respected, family based, not-for-profit organization.
  • Stay informed, increase your knowledge and advocacy skills.
  • Help promote choice and control of supports.
  • Receive email updates and news of FAO initiatives and networking opportunities.
  • Have opportunities to nominate Board members and vote at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Enjoy preferential rates at events sponsored by FAO.
  • Help FAO speak with stronger support when representing families to Developmental Services.

With your annual membership, you can help us make a positive difference in the lives of families across Ontario.

To become a member of Family Alliance Ontario, please complete an application below.

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Individual / Family Membership

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