March 9, 2020 – March 12, 2020 all-day
Aviva Centre at York University
1 Shoreham Dr #100
North York, ON M3N 3A6
Gail Jones
416-351-0095 ext. 210
Social Role Valorization Including 10 Related Themes:  A High-Order Concept for Addressing the Plight  of Societally Devalued People and for Structuring Human Services @ Aviva Centre at York University | Toronto | Ontario | Canada

This workshop provides an introduction to Social Role Valorization (SRV) using the 10 core themes, developed by Dr. W. Wolfensberger, considered one of the most influential thinkers in the world, in the field of intellectual impairment. Dr. Wolfensberger’s work helped lay the foundation for many current human service trends, including integration, safeguarding of rights, and the deinstitutionalization movement.

SRV is a systematic and universally applicable concept for structuring human services strongly anchored in the empiricism of psychology, sociology, and long and broad human experience. SRV suggests a close relationship between the socially perceived value of the roles that people hold, and whether people in those roles will be accorded opportunities and other good things of life. Bad things tend to get done to people who are seen in devalued roles, and good things tend to be afforded to people in positively valued roles.

Topics to be explored will include the universality of social devaluation, the defining power of roles in people’s lives, strategies for pursuing socially valued roles, or at least less devalued roles for devalued people with an aim toward improving their life conditions, enhancing people’s social images, and enhancing people’s competencies.

Tuition subsidies are available for Ontario families to attend this. The funding for these subsidies are a result of a ‘Strategic Investment Grant’ which represents funding left over from unclaimed/unallocated funds for the Ontario Institutional class action lawsuits. FAO would highly recommend this workshop for families who want to build a good life for their son or daughter with a disability that doesn’t include segregated living or group activities.

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